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Surveillance systems

Get the latest monitoring systems to enjoy a safe and secure life for you, your family and business. We guarantee the best quality of surveillance cameras systems like never seen before.

Sound systems

Our company provides the devices that our customers always enjoy with the latest audio systems to meet their different needs. We care about providing all modern technology devices to get the best sound and quality.

PBX systems

Our company provides central equipment, which is a telephone network for company entrances. A PBX telephone system is used to exchange a number of external lines for external phone calls.

Home automation  is to link the various devices and systems in the house together so that they can all be controlled from anywhere, and the required interaction between them and remote control by SMS.

Fire systems

Fire alarm is a device that emits an audible alarm when a fire occurs. This is to evacuate the area where the fire broke out, and these systems reduce damage to the building and expensive equipment.
Our company is keen to use the highest quality in attendance and departure systems, and it provides modern devices that help in recording all data and leaving. It can be used by card or fingerprint.

After-sales service

Are you facing any problems? Never worry, because our experienced technical support team will always be here to answer and solve any problem you may encounter and this is our aim to satisfy you.

Network and cable systems

Network devices and cables are used to communicate and transfer data and information between computers, routers, and switches, allowing for network availability and enhancement.

Installation and maintenance service

We provide a maintenance and installation support team made up of engineers and technicians at the highest intensive level to meet all your needs. So we can solve it immediately from the first contact.

About US

Eyelid Technology, an Egyptian joint stock company based in Cairo, a leader in the supply and installation of protection and light current systems



Our Clients

Customer satisfaction

Our first goal is to satisfy our customers with our provided service, whether during the sale process or after-sales service, by providing high-quality products at competitive prices that suit all budgets and on deadlines, in addition to continuous follow-up after sales; to ensure that there are no future problems that the customer may face.


We aim to create a professional and cooperative work environment between our customers and our employees so that the service arrives in a manner that satisfies the customer.

Innovation and development

We are working on the development of our products and services, creating creative, professional methods in line with the constant updates and challenges in the labor market.


We seek to create a healthy and professional work environment for our employees, which help in creating an excellent creative work environment, and increase their productive efficiency. This reflects positively on our products and our customers.

Community participation

Our Company is keen to contribute to community activities, in line with its responsibilities towards the advancement of society and the labor market.
Customer satisfaction
Innovation and development
Community participation

Working hours

Sun – Thu:10:00am – 6:00pm / FRI-SAT: Closed

Working hours

Sun – Thu:10:00am – 6:00pm / FRI-SAT: Closed


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